Valentine’s Day in a Galaxy Far, Far, Away…

I’m writing this post in the car, as Geoff and I head to Walt Disney World for our Valentine’s Day Celebration! We’re a few days late, but the actual day fell on a work night. That night we exchanged gifts and cards, and watched Casablanca while eating crab cakes and asparagus (Geoff gets all the credit for cooking!). One thing you’ll learn quickly about me is I. Love. Celebrating. Whether it’s VDay, birthdays, Christmas, WHATEVER – the bigger the celebration, the better. Life’s too short to not have fun!

So as we head to Disney, I wanted to write a post about the gifts we exchanged, and how we ended up having an unintentional theme! ALL of our gifts to each other were Star Wars themed! So here they are, to give you some future gift ideas for your galactic soulmate.

I got Geoff a glass set from Think Geek. It’s 50/50 Rebellion/First Order, so it suited our respective alignments quite nicely. (They’re sitting on top of the delightful box of chocolates that came with no chart. It’s been an adventure.)

I also got Geoff these glass coasters from ThinkGeek. When stacked, they make up the full layout of the Millennium Falcon. Each individual coaster also has different layers to it!

I also got Geoff a light box that has three changeable slide panels, one of each of the original trilogy films. He has it at work though, so I don’t have a photo of it right now.

Geoff’s gifts to me were also fantastic!

First, I got the traditional red roses and some candyyyy.

The candy included candy hearts, where I got THIS GEM. Well then!! (There were sweet ones – no pun intended – too. ;))

I got the necklace on the right as an anniversary gift (the third year theme was ‘crystal’, so we took nerdy liberties). It’s a replica of Jyn’s kyber crystal necklace from Rogue One, made by SoulInertia Designs. He ended up creating a Sith version, and I wanted it SO BADLY. Geoff made it happen! I love them both.

He also got me this Galactic Empire raglan shirt from Her Universe. I already wore it and it’s now in the wash – I forgot to get a photo of it on! It’s so comfy, and it’s hard to find a lot of Krennic stuff, so I love it.

It’s not Star Wars, but I also have to give a shoutout to Geoff’s crab cakes and asparagus. SO YUMMY.

I hope this gives some of you gift ideas for another holiday! I love that we both gravitated toward Star Wars gifts for each other.

February 12, 2018
February 20, 2018