The Happiest Place on Earth

Being used to the most magical place on earth (does every Disney park have a “most x place on earth” slogan? Must investigate) means I am a regular Disney park visitor. Since we moved to Southern California, that meant my usual WDW trips are Disneyland trips for now!

WDW is, and probably always will be, my home park(s). I started going there when I was 2, and from 7 onwards I lived RIGHT by the park and went all the time. The parks and Disney Springs (Downtown Disney back then!) were where my friends and I would chill, watch movies, etc as teens. I even worked there twice! But I was excited to see Disneyland again and introduce Geoff to it.

I’ll do a longer post about Disneyland and the differences I found, but we had an amazing time. California Adventure has grown SO much since I last saw it! Some of the stuff at DLR we preferred over WDW (Big Thunder Mountain, I’m looking at you) and others had WDW as the winner (sorry, Tomorrowland). I’m excited to talk more about it, and I’m so happy that we still have the opportunity for regular doses of Disney!

October 22, 2018