Star Wars: A Galactic Spectacular Dessert Party

Anyone who knows Geoff or I knows how much we love Star Wars.  When Episode VII came out, we went with some friends to Regal Cinema’s Star Wars marathon.  Starting with Episode I at 4am, we chugged through all the movies til VII came out!  Before Walt Disney World cancelled them (hopefully temporarily), we loved Star Wars weekends as well.

Geoff’s birthday is in November, so last year, several months beforehand, I started planning some Star Wars activities for his birthday.  There’s a Star Wars tour around his birthday that I signed us up for (I’ll blog about that soon as well!), but the dessert party portion was cancelled around his birthday, due to a holiday projection show.  I decided to book the dessert party separately so we could enjoy it as an early birthday gift, and we went in September!

These photos were taken before I realized I’d be blogging about it, so be prepared for very-few-and-not-very-good photos.  TOO BAD!

On that inspiring note, onwards.

This Photopass area is available on and off, between the Padawan shows.


Decked out in our Star Wars clothes! You can see the lanyards we received at check in. Check in is in front of Launch Bay, and you can see characters and prop displays as you go in and out of the dessert area.


The tables were set up with First Order and Rebellion/Resistance lamps. Being a loyal Imperial myself, I insisted on a First Order table.


They even had freeze dried Nutella, which was DELISH. You could get it with chocolate or sparkly raspberry topping! I went for the raspberry and it was great.


I promptly dropped the raspberry and Nutella like the graceful Sith I am. Ahem. But you can see from the smear on the tablecloth how glittery it was! 😉


My husband modeling two of the cookies at the party – Vader and Stormtrooper. The cookies were eh on the taste scale, but were cute.


The cocktails!  And a Diet Coke.  I didn’t realize I’d be blogging when I took these photos so they’re all deliriously terrible.  Sigh.

Anywho, the four cocktails!  I mainly stuck to my Diet Coke since I was the designated driver of the evening.  I did try a little bit in the beginning though, and my favorite was the Cosmic Citrus Twist!  It’s the pink one towards the bottom right.  It’s vodka based (my favorite) and has watermelon lemonade in it.  So refreshing and good!  Second runner up, for me, was the Galactic Punch (the orange one in the middle, I believe).  It’s rum based with several fruit juices.  The Swamp Milk (the green one) was…odd…with half and half, vanilla and melon flavors, and vodka.  It wasn’t bad, it was just…weird?  The Light Speed Margarita (the red one) was almost spicy, it was my least favorite of the group.  Overall, I loved two of the cocktails, and thought the other two were either eh or not good.  They also had non-alcoholic drinks, of course!

After the dessert party we were escorted to firework viewing area!  We had a good view from where we are, on the left hand side (if you’re looking at the theater) inside the main hub area.

I snagged a photo with one of the Stormies.  He was not impressed.

After that, we saw the fireworks and were done!  It was a good viewing spot and we had fun.  We also got Tie Fighter popcorn buckets, which was neat!

Again, this is normally part of the Star Wars Guided Tour, except when the Jingle Bell Jingle Bam holiday fireworks are showing.  Spoiler: When we did end up doing the full tour (which I’ll blog about too!), we were allowed into a nice viewing spot for the holiday fireworks, so that was fun!  No dessert party though.

Geoff and I both really enjoyed it.  I will say it’s probably a one or done for us – the dessert party was good to enjoy once and we’ve seen the fireworks before and since, so on that end we’re good with not needing preferred viewing.  But as a one time thing it was fun and worth the money, in my opinion!