Smuggler’s Bounty, Sith Edition

Unfortunately, Funko has cancelled all their subscription boxes – it sounds like they’ll be available via retail though! But I did get the Sith box, so I figured I’d do a breakdown of what was inside!

The outside was already adorable. Angry, tiny Maul.

First up was a tiny bobble head of Darth Maul!

Here he is. I love the size and he’s super cute – the head doesn’t really bobble unless I flick it hard, but that’s fine; I like the figure as is!

Count Dooku! Geoff thought I’d be disappointed since Darth Tyranus isn’t a favorite, but I was actually psyched to get him. There’s not a lot of merchandise of him compared to other Sith/Dark Siders.

Even in Funko form, Christopher Lee is majestic.

Love this pin! It says, “Smuggler’s Bounty” in Aurebesh, quite appropriately.

Lil Kylo T-shirt!

And a lil angry Vader cup. You need proper hydration to let the Dark Side flow through you efficiently.

And here’s the whole haul together! I really like what I got – I’m a bit biased since I love all things Sith, but there was a nice mix of prequel/original/new trilogy stuff in there.

And now, some outtakes courtesy of Millicent, who cannot mind her own business:

See her sneaking up on the left? She enjoyed bopping poor Dooku on the head.

I hope you enjoyed! The subscription boxes may be coming to an end, but you can keep an eye on the website to purchase boxes via retail in the future.

February 20, 2018
March 15, 2018