Skincare Review – L’Oreal Revitalift

Disclaimer as we start: I was provided the L’Oreal Paris Revitalift products in this review free as part of the Influenster program.  My thoughts are my own though, and I still get products regardless if I like/dislike them.  But I like to be transparent about it!  Onwards.

I was sent an Influenster box containing L’Oreal’s Vitamin C serum and Hyaluronic Acid serum.

I turned 30 earlier this year, so skin care has become more important to me.  It’s something I’ve started using on a daily basis for a couple of years now (as well as sunscreen – if only I could tell teenage me to use it more, agh!).  I don’t have any big skin concerns yet – I’m very lucky and don’t have much in the way of acne, and in terms of wrinkles I’ve only started noticing some very faint ones on my forehead.  But prevention is better than dealing with stuff after the fact, so I was happy to try these out!

First up is the Revitalift 1.5% Pure Hyalronic Acid Serum.

I’ll be honest, I’ve never tried acids on my face before, so this one I was a little apprehensive of.  I looked up hyaluronic acid to see what it’d do for my face.  Long story short: it’s an acid our skin produces on its own to help maintain moisture balance.  The older you get, the less your skin makes, and that can lead to wrinkles, dull skin, etc.

My thoughts?  All in all, I love this one.  It doesn’t feel oily or tacky on my skin and absorbs in right away.  I’ve been using it for a couple weeks now and my fine forehead lines have diminished noticeably.  A disclaimer: I have also started using some facial masks recently as well, so I wouldn’t be surprised if this is a combo thing.  But, considering this acid is mainly touted as a “reduce fine lines” bit, I can say that I’ve noticed a difference in my forehead with it.

Revitalift 10% Pure Vitamin C Concentrate.

Next up was the Vitamin C concentrate.  Like the acid, I hadn’t used one of these before.  From looking it up, it basically sounds like Vitamin C helps promote collagen and helps reduce skin discoloration.

This one was a weird one to put on – it mentions that a warming effect is normal, and I did feel it.  It doesn’t burn the skin at all, it almost just feels like you’re blushing for half a minute.  I didn’t notice any redness though, and just felt the warmth shortly after putting it on.  It does have a mattifying effect, which was nice since I tend to have oilier skin and don’t wear foundation, just a light under eye concealer.  It’s very lightweight on the face and didn’t leave any residue feeling.  I’ve been using it once a day vs the acid twice a day, since retinoids and vitamin C aren’t super friendly (retinoids and acids aren’t either, but are better together if you wait 30-60 minutes post-acid to use retinoids).

In terms of effectiveness, I can’t really say.  Again, my forehead lines have definitely filled in a bit, but I don’t know how much is due to this in particular.  I don’t have much skin discoloration either, so I can’t say its effectiveness for that.

The current state of my skin – no filters used here. I’m wearing makeup but no skin makeup here, aside from some under eye concealer.

So what do I think overall?

  • Effectiveness: I have noticed a marked improvement in my forehead’s fine lines.  Whether this is due to the acid, Vitamin C, or a combination thereof (plus my face masks), I’m not sure.  But since I’ve started using them, I have noticed a difference.  I’ve used the acid twice daily and the Vitamin C concentrate once daily.
  • Negative effects: None.  No breakouts, no skin peeling, nothing.  My skin has reacted well to both.
  • Price point: Both are around $24 (each) at Target.  It’s cheaper than a lot of brands I see at Sephora, etc, because it’s a drugstore brand.  It’s more expensive than products from The Ordinary, and some other brands.  From briefly looking around Sephora, I would say both of these are cheaper than most, but not all, brands I was looking at.
  • Would I buy it?: I received these for free; in terms of “will I buy them” once my products run out, I would say possibly which sounds wishy washy but I’ll explain. This is my first time using Vitamin C and Hyaluronic Acid and I definitely want to keep incorporating them into my routine.  I noticed The Ordinary has lower price points and some brands have similar ones, so while I want to keep using these products, I want to do more research about which brand I’d use. (If you have recommendations, I’d love to hear them!)

Thanks for reading the review!  Hopefully this will help those of you interested in branching out in your skincare.

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November 10, 2018
February 4, 2019