Skincare Review – Ole Henriksen

Skincare, especially as I’ve reached my later 20s and now 30s, is super important for me. As I’ve mentioned before, I’m a member of Influenster, a company that allows me (and others) to try out great products for free as long as we review them. This is my second box, containing Ole Henriksen’s Glow Cycle Retin-Alt product. I’ve tried it consistently for a couple weeks and am ready to give a review! Disclaimer: I got this for free as a gift, but my thoughts are my own. As you could see in my last review, I have no problem saying what I really think!

Retinol is a huge product in skincare, and one that I’m not against at all. But more are looking into retin-alts (the pun slays me a bit) because retinol can cause skin irritation and sun sensitivity to some people, AND cannot be used during pregnancy. Glow Cycle is made with bakuchiol, an alternative that is safer and purple. Which. I mean. Has no bearings on anything but it’s nice when your skincare stuff looks pretty. (Don’t judge me.)

So onto the actual product!

Pros: I love it. My skin has looked good using it, I haven’t had any irritation, and the purple + pearliness they added give your skin a really pretty glow, almost like an all over highlighter (but more subtle). (Note: in the photo for this post I have it on my cheek un-rubbed in lol, you will not have globs of purple on your face. Unless you want to. You do you.)

The cons: A little goes a long way. Which is good – but I usually assume 1 pump = enough product so the first few times I had way too much to use. Also, at first it feels pretty greasy on your skin, BUT after a few minutes of soaking in it’s vanished and your skin just feels hydrated. The only other con I can see is if you really prefer matte skin – it does leave a glow, not oily looking, but not matte. For me that’s a bonus, I love dewy skin, but it’s something to keep in mind.

Assuming I keep liking it, I could see myself buying this product (for use in daytime) and their night product as well!