Review: Sally Hansen’s Airbrush Legs

So, I got my first Influenster box today, which is very exciting! It’s basically an app you Airbrush Legs.

Note: This is a sponsored post! I received this product for free. My thoughts are honest though – as you’ll see, there’s stuff I liked and disliked with it.

This product is awesome for living in Florida. I’m not someone who has a desire to be tan, but I do struggle with my arms being darker than my legs (thanks to wearing jeans as often as I can), as well as multiple tan lines on my legs (from different shorts lengths). I don’t lay out in the sun, so I never really have a chance to “fix” those crazy tan lines. My arm/leg differences are whatever, but I do dislike the different shades on my legs!

So, my thoughts!


  • It was easy to apply. You spray onto your hand, and rub it onto your legs and feet.
  • It was not streaky at all.
  • It’s a subtle effect, but it definitely helped even out my leg tan lines, bruises, veins, etc.
  • It doesn’t feel like I have anything on my legs at all. Very light!


  • It has a strong smell. I’m not sensitive to smells at all – I’m notorious with my friends for barely being able to smell scents – and it’s strong even to me. A mix of vanilla and foundation smell?
  • It didn’t do much for my flip flop tan. Probably because it was less “partially tan” like my leg tan lines and more of a stark white.
  • The applicator is MESSY. Once it’s in your hand it’s easy to apply, but it sprays almost a mousse like consistency that, the first few times, sprayed everywhere, and even after wasn’t very tidy. Definitely apply it in an open area.

Overall thoughts: I like the product – it definitely helps even out my legs, and if it holds up in the Florida heat it’ll be a confidence boost in my shorts! It’s not like a bold fake tan (which is good for me, since I have no real desire to tan), but does a good job smoothing things together. If you’re sensitive to smell though, pass this one by, because it definitely has a strong scent.

Keep scrolling to see photos of how it looks!

This is the product! It comes in a sleek aerosol can.

Here’s an in progress shot. My right leg (our left) has the product on it. I forgot to shut the bathroom light off, but you can still see that it’s more even.

After! Definitely evened things out a bit.

A final before/after comparison shot.

June 28, 2018