Mermaids & Spaceships

Valentine’s Day has come and gone! I know it’s a fairly divisive holiday but I love it – any excuse to celebrate love is a win in my book! But one thing I think most people can agree on liking: gifts! Geoff and I got each other a couple things, but I wanted to highlight a Star Wars and a Disney gift. May give you some ideas for the next holiday to roll around!

First up: Bésame Cosmetics Waterfall Mist Fragrance

I LOVE this perfume! My friend Casey sent the link my way and I immediately hinted at it for gift ideas. It’s part of Besame’s Mermaid Lagoon collection, inspired by Peter Pan. The bottle has the cutest mermaid on top – and everyone knows I love retro and mermaids. Combine the two, and take my money.

Bésame lists the fragrance notes as such: Fragrance Note: Green floral

Top Note: Lemon mint

Middle Note: Violet rose

Base Note: Beeswax

I know hardly anything about perfumes, but I can say it smells great. It’s got a light floral scent without being too cloying. And the bottle is a keeper after the fragrance is gone – more angles below!

You can purchase the perfume here!

Second: Han Solo’s Dice

Han Solo is one of Geoff’s favorite Star Wars characters (Obi-Wan is the other for anyone interested). We both LOVED the film Solo and I really liked the attention it gave to his dice.

Geoff used to have a Mustang, and at one point had a small square dangling from his rear view mirror that linked to an app to locate your car when you were hunting in a parking lot. The battery on it died but he kept it hanging, shrugging when I asked why he didn’t just throw it out. He mentioned he liked having something hanging there, though when we sold our cars and got a new one to move to CA, it went away. I was hunting for some SW gift ideas for him when I saw a replica of Han’s dice on Etsy, and I was ECSTATIC. I cannot recommend this pair highly enough. They’re well made, have a nice heft to them, and stay put on the rear view mirror.

You can find those dice here! The seller also has the japor snippet Anakin gave Padme.

Hope these give you some good gift ideas! We really enjoyed these purchases so I thought I’d pass them along.

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February 4, 2019