If you’re moving, to San Diego…

…(okay so technically that song goes “if you’re going to San Francisco, but work with me here.)

If you follow me on Instagram, you may have seen a post where I said we were moving to Chicago! Andddd that was the plan. Before Geoff formally accepted the offer, I let the studio that wanted to hire me in San Diego know. They came back with a counter offer and Geoff buried himself in The Biggest Spreadsheet I’ve Ever Seen. He calculated every tax he could get his hands on, etc, and we found that SD and Chicago came out financially neck in neck. But SD has the benefit of way more studios – important, since wherever we went only one of us would have a job and the other would be looking. So we ended up choosing San Diego!!

People have asked how it feels – it’s a mix. We’re sad to leave Florida – we both genuinely love it. I’ve lived here since I was 7! But it’ll be a neat experience, I’ll be working at an awesome studio, and Geoff has found so many jobs to apply to that will hopefully lead to an amazing job for him too.

The next several weeks will be crazy as we prep for a cross country move (AHHHH), so wish us luck! 🖤

August 7, 2018