Hello, world.

It’s a bit of a rule that any time you start a blog, there’s an obligatory “here’s me!” blog post.  So…here it is.

I’ve been blogging since…2004, I think?  I started on Livejournal (oh, memories).  I still technically have a Livejournal, but it’s been years and it rarely sees the light of day.  As a video game artist, I have a portfolio and an art-focused Tumblr and Instagram, but for personal stuff I haven’t done anything beyond an Instagram account.  I wanted to talk more about my interests though, and during one of our conversations my friend Alyssa suggested I start up a personal blog.  So I wrote up a little backlog of posts to have some stuff to help me get started updating regularly, and decided to officially start posting in 2018.

The first worry I had was what to focus on – some blogs focus on one particular thing, others focus on a few topics, and I finally narrowed it down to my main interests of Star Wars, Disney, and retro aesthetics.  Not that it’ll be the only things I talk about, but anyone who knows me knows I’m a sucker for those three things (and any combination thereof makes me flutter).  Next up was a name – Kristin isn’t the easiest name to derive nicknames off of (aside from Kris, which is one of my nicknames).  But at one of my jobs, I worked with my friend Ashlee, and many a time after inundating her with my terrible jokes, she’d roll her eyes at me and sigh, “Oh, Kreestin.”

And thus, welcome to my blog.

January 4, 2018