From the Sunshine State to the Golden State

We’re settling in to life in California!! Updates have been harder since we’re focusing on a) my new job, b) Geoff’s myriad of job interviews (yay!), and c) unpacking! The first few weeks we were here, we were in a hotel until we found an apartment – then after that we had to wait several days for our stuff to arrive. Slowly, our little home is coming together! It’s been a process going from a 2-bedroom apartment to a 700 square foot one, but we managed to snag a place with central A/C and an in-unit washer dryer. Coming from Florida, where all our apartments had washer dryers or at least hookups, realizing that was like finding a unicorn here in Southern California was an adjustment!

We are enjoying it though. The food is delicious – even Chipotle is way better, somehow?! – and the weather is perfect for leaving the windows open most days. Florida is home for me, but I’m enjoying this new adventure.

Now, we’re starting to look into fun things to do! We’re hoping to visit Disneyland within the next week or two!! Gotta get some Disney back in our lives. I visited Disneyland once, back when I was…13? I think? Somewhere around there. I was SO SAD because my two must do rides were Haunted Mansion and the Matterhorn. Haunted Mansion was closed because they were converting it to Nightmare Before Christmas, and the Matterhorn was down for refurbishments. So I am determined to ride them now, dangit!! I also went to California Adventure back when it was brand new, so I KNOW there’s a lot that’s changed.

Behold, awkward teen Kristin at Disneyland. Ohhh my goodness.

Meanwhile, Geoff has never been to Disneyland! Some recent job interviews were his first time to California, period. So I am PSYCHED for him to see all of it! Especially the Indiana Jones ride.

We already checked out a really neat (and free to visit!) locale, the Leo Carrillo Ranch Historic Park. I’ll write more about it in another post, but it’s neat (and has a tie in with Disney!). We also had to get Geoff his first in and out (I was lucky enough to grab some with my friend Alyssa when we visited San Francisco a few years back). He approved.

A man and his burger.

We also want to hit up some parks (Joshua Tree, Yosemite, etc). We’ve gotten some great recommendations from friends, but I’d love to hear from anyone – places to go, things to see, what to eat! Mainly in the Southern California area, especially between San Diego and LA, but I’ll take notes for anywhere!

Here’s to new adventures. 🖤

October 16, 2018