Festival of the Arts

Epcot has a LOT of festivals throughout the year. It used to be Food & Wine and Flower & Garden festivals, but we now also have Festival of the Arts and International Festival of the Holidays. President’s Day was the last day of Festival of the Arts, so my friends and I stopped by this past weekend to catch it just in the nick of time. It’s too late to catch it now, but here’s some yummy food and drink we got to try – maybe it’ll inspire you to stop by Flower & Garden (my personal favorite festival!) or check out FotA next year!

First up is the Pop’t Art (oh the pun). I tried it last year and wasn’t a fan, but it was softer this year and had a bit more fruit filling. Which made me happy, because I’m a sucker for all things pop tart-y.

Next up were the savory donut trio. These were all good – spicy tuna, chicken salad, and cheese. These actually were not as good as last year – last year, it was almost a donut sandwich, vs the half donut this time around. It threw off the donut-to-filling ratio.

My friends Marlowe & Mary ordered the Frida Kahlo guava margarita. It was so pretty, and delicious! It was sweet but lightly so, and very refreshing.

This was my favorite drink of the day – the yogurt swirled strawberry sake from the Japan pavilion. So refreshing!

So, this was a mixed bag. The hummus was delicious, but the hummus-to-chip ratio was way off. And the drink…it was arak, orange juice, and grenadine. The initial taste was great but then there was a POTENT licorice aftertaste that was so strong, we didn’t even finish a quarter of it, even when sharing amongst the four of us. It was so bad (if you don’t like licorice).

This was salmon 1/2 for me – everyone who knows me well knows I LOVE salmon. It was at the French pavilion and I adore how they baked it into a little fish pastry. The pastry was delicious, warm, and flaky, and the salmon was amazing too.

This was salmon 2/2, from the Canada pavilion. This had smoked salmon (and caviar!), which made me happy. Smoked salmon is my favorite kind. So it goes almost without saying that I loved this!

Marlowe got this but I had to take a photo. A purple sweet potato dessert!

Another fun part of Festival of the Arts are the Photopass stations.  You get to become part of some famous paintings.

The Scream v Mona Lisa.

Birth of Venus!

Crashing a party.

Millenials crossing the Delaware.

Also had to include this one – Jag dyed her hair this amazing gradient of blue/purple/pink/orange, and we realized SHE IS SPACESHIP EARTH.

Festival of the Arts was great!  Loved the food and (most of) the drinks, enjoyed seeing some retro Disney attraction posters on display at the Odyssey, and of course had fun with friends.  I’m excited for the Flower and Garden Festival which is starting up soon – we saw stands already being set up!  You can enjoy that festival starting February 28th.