Favorite Solo Scene

My favorite Solo scene!

I’ve been wanting to blog on Solo and keep forgetting to – but Jenmarie from Anakin and His Angel has a neat feature on her blog called “Star Wars ComLINKS” (you can check it out here), with the current topic being your favorite scene from Solo.  Which gave me the inspiration to finally blog about the film!

Picking a favorite scene is hard.  There’s so many to choose from – but there’s two I can narrow it down between.  Obviously, spoilers ahead!

One I don’t really count as a full scene, because it’s just a quick shot, but the first glimpse of the Correllia shipyards, with a Star Destroyer (under construction) hovering above it all.  Actually getting to see Correllia was SO neat, and I loved the gritty, industrial feel of it.  It felt like a glimpse at a real location.

In terms of a full scene, I have to pick L3’s droid liberation scene.  I love all the droids in Star Wars (shout out to BB-9E, especially), but L3 is definitely at the top of my list.  The attitude, the voice, the sass – I just love her to pieces.  Her nonchalant start of the robot revolution scene – basically telling the droid asking her what to do, to just go ahead and free the others – cracks.  Me.  Up.  L3 quickly loves the rabid droid revolution occurring around her, as droids free their brethren, stomp all over machinery, saw into wires, and start causing utter mayhem.

When you combine that with Han’s frantic loading up of Coaxium, Chewie’s fight to free his brethren, Qi’Ra taking out anyone that stands in her way, and Lando…well, writing his memoirs (HA), it was such a hilariously chaotic scene that I loved.  It’s a scene that combines several things at once; humor (because L3 is nothing if not hilarious) but also a darker side to it; L3, throughout her run in the film, constantly brings up robot rights and equality.  It’s a neat topic for the film to touch on, since droids are side characters but never fully explained.  They’re AI – what are their rights?  Privileges?  L3 mentions it several times, but really comes into her own when she realizes the freedom her fellow droids are achieving.

It also ends on a sad note, bringing with it the bittersweet tone that most of the characters’ stories wrapped up with in Solo.  L3 is struck down, but there is a sweet note – her memory and her mind are placed into the Millennium Falcon, which makes me laugh when we think of C3PO, in the future, mentioning her peculiar dialect.

So yes!  In terms of a quick shot: Correllia’s introduction, just because…CORRELLIA!  It was so exciting seeing it!  And in terms of a whole scene: L3’s Robot Rebellion, because it was hilarious, sad, and bittersweet all wrapped into one.

Some point soon I’ll blog about my Dad and I (who saw the original Star Wars in theaters, and whose favorite character is Han!) talking about the film!  In the meantime, you should definitely check out the Star Wars ComLINKS!  Links in the first paragraph of this post!

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July 24, 2018