Fandom Merch: Twin Peaks

I have a lot of shows, books, movies, games, etc that I love. A good chunk of the merchandise I have is blatant fandom stuff, but I really love when I can find merchandise that to a non-fan looks normal, but is really referencing a show/whatever. It’s neat seeing how creators implement different fandoms subtley into everyday objects.

A few months ago I watched Twin Peaks for the first time with Geoff. We were instantly hooked, and a binging of seasons 1 & 2, Fire Wall with Me, The Missing Pieces, and the Return soon followed. On our drive from Florida to California, we listened to the audiobooks for The Secret History of Twin Peaks and The Final Dossier.

For those that haven’t seen it – most people know TP by things like “damn fine cup of coffee” and cherry pie, which the show is indeed known for. But a fair warning that it’s a pretty dark show (and funny, by turns) with a dose of surrealism. Written by David Lynch and Mark Frost, it starts off as a normal murder mystery of a small town’s homecoming queen that quickly takes a turn into the morbid and supernatural. It’s a fantastic and quirky show that I can’t get enough of!

I wanted to get some Twin Peaks merchandise, and there is a lot out there. The more “obvious” sorts involve a lot of red curtains and black & white chevron (hallmarks of the Black Lodge, a place you’d probably not want to end up in the show). I wanted something more subtle and found some gems on Etsy that I thought would be neat for fellow Twin Peaks fans.

Please note – I paid for all these and none of this is sponsored. I just really like these products!

Twin Peaks mug by Velvetmusketeer on Etsy.

First up is a coffee mug! I collect (and have way too many) mugs, and with how much coffee features in the show I had to have a TP themed one. The Double R is a diner that is one of the main sets for the show. I loved that this mug looked like one I bought from a local diner – and anyone who knows me knows I’m a sucker for red + any shade in the blue/green family.

If you like this mug, you can find it here!

Keychain by GeraldWintersandSon on Etsy.

Next up was this keychain – I needed a new keychain for my new apartment key, and anyone who’s seen the show probably recognizes Dale Cooper’s room key from the Great Northern!

Back view.

One of my coworkers is a big Twin Peaks fan and absolutely loved this when I showed it to him. It’s one of those things that looks like an old school hotel keychain – til you meet a fan and they’ll know what it’s from!

Notepad by GeraldWintersandSon on Etsy.

In addition to the keychain, I got the notepad from the Great Northern! We see it in several shots of Dale Cooper’s room. I like having a notepad on hand for random scribblings, so when I saw the keychain and the notepad grouped together, it was a no brainer.

You can get the keychain and notepad here!

Last but not least – I mentioned we listened to the audiobook of The Secret History of Twin Peaks on our way out here, but my coworker lent me his copy and oh my gosh. This is definitely one I’m going to save up and buy! The pages aren’t just usual typed up book pages, they have “photocopies” of letters, images that contain secret messages, etc. If you’re a TP fan, I highly recommend getting the book.

It’s spiffy.

I hope you guys enjoyed a little bit of Twin Peaks! Let me know if you guys have watched the show or plan to.

If you haven’t, you can see seasons 1-2 on Netflix. After that, you have to buy Fire Walk with Me and The Missing Pieces (I don’t think they’re streaming for free anywhere). Those are prequels but don’t watch them first – they give away the “whodunnit” part of the murder mystery. The Return is on Showtime, but you can get a free trial of that on Amazon Prime streaming! Enjoy.

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October 16, 2018