Hey everyone!  I’ve had a very exciting weekend here at Walt Disney World.  My husband and I ran our first full marathon at the Walt Disney World marathon weekend!  It was the marathon’s 25th anniversary, so that made it extra special.  I’m writing up a blog post on the experience, but it takes Disney Photopass several days to send all the photos through the app (understandable since they have thousands of photos to sort by bib numbers!), so I’ll be posting after I get all that put together.

For now, I wrote a post about another Classic Disney attraction that went away the same time that the Great Movie Ride did.

Universe of Energy was a classic ride at Epcot.  I didn’t care much for the Ellen/Bill Nye overlay (it was fine at first but aged really, really quickly), so I don’t miss that too much.  I do, however, miss the amazing reveal when the ride goes from video to the animatronics.  The vehicles turning, the curtains rising, and from the blackness a sunrise that slowly brightens, silhouetting several Apatosaurus (including a couple babies!).  I’ll miss the epic animatronic dinosaurs throughout the attraction, and am curious to see how the new Guardians of the Galaxy attraction will stack up.  Here’s a photo tour through my final time on Universe of Energy.

While the ride hadn’t been updated in QUITE awhile, I’ll be curious to see if the new GotG attraction will be a timeless classic or not.  I’m curious to see what they deliver!

January 4, 2018