Star Wars: Episode IX Casting

Casting information for Star Wars: Episode IX!

As many of you know, casting information for Star Wars Episode IX has been released, and I.  Am.  SO EXCITED.  You can read the official rundown here!

My thoughts:

Obviously we already knew that J.J. was stepping in for Episode IX.  I’m hopeful about this!  I enjoyed The Force Awakens, though I did think it led to a lot of threads that Rian Johnson thankfully chopped down a bit in The Last Jedi (I’m a TLJ fan, and a TFA fan as well…I like ’em all!).  J.J. is really good at setting stories up, but I’m curious how he’ll be wrapping it up.  (That said, I’m optimistic!)

None of the returning cast really shocks me.  I knew Daisy, John, Adam, Oscar, and Joonas would be back.  I was hoping Kelly Marie Tran would be back, after social media was awful to her, but thankfully she is and I’m glad (I love Rose!).  Lupita coming back also makes me happy, since we didn’t get a whole lot of Maz in TLJ.  And of course I’m thrilled that Domhnall is back, though I fear my streak of “oh my gosh my favorite Imperial character managed to survive!” will end.

Which does beg the question – I don’t see Gwendoline Christie on here at all.  So is Phasma actually dead this time, or is this supposed to be a surprise?  I’ve seen interviews where Gwendoline, Mark Hamill, etc have all inferred that Phasma is basically the Kenny of the Star Wars universe, but maybe she won’t be back?  I a) hope she is but b) hope she is and gets used for more than just “hi, I’m here, I look cool, and now I’m dead again.”

Anyway.  I’m also glad that Billie’s character Connix is back!  Which leads into what I’m really thrilled about, that Carrie Fisher is reprising her role at Leia.  Instead of CGI or recasting, they’re utilizing unused footage of her shot for The Force Awakens.  I’m so, so glad she’ll be in the film in some capacity.  I’m hoping Kylo is on a redemption arc – Star Wars, at its core, is about hope, and I would hate to see Kylo end in death or darkness.  If he is headed for redemption, I felt like Leia would be a big part of that since we saw that Kylo seems a bit more attached to his mother than his father.  And having Carrie be able to be in IX as Leia is just…gah.  It makes me so, so happy.  I love too that they clarified that Billie approved and supports this decision.

ALSO!  We have Keri Russell joining too.  She had been rumored (by some legit sources) to be signing on, but then wasn’t in the initial announcement, but has since been added. We also have Naomi Ackie and Richard E. Grant, and I’m curious what roles all three of them will have!

For other returning actors, we have Anthony Daniels (of course!), Mark Hamill, and Billy Dee Williams.  I’m happy that Mark will be back – I figured we’d get some Force Ghost Luke, but wasn’t sure.  I look forward to seeing him guide Rey and troll the heck out of Kylo.  And Lando!!!  While this excites me, I also feel like this means Lando is a goner (let’s be real, in terms of organics, Leia and Chewie are fine but Han and Luke got offed, so Lando’s odds are a bit dicey).

Last but not least, John Williams composing IX makes me happy too!  He is such an important part of Star Wars.

Any thoughts on the casting?

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July 24, 2018
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