Engagement Anniversary ♥

Six years ago today, Geoff proposed to me – I’m so glad I said yes! I thought I’d write up a little post to talk about that day, because it was amazing.

A few things prior to the actual day:

1. Geoff knew I always loved, loved, loved Christmas at Disney. Christmas is my favorite time of the year (yes, I’m one of those people that is ready for Christmas the moment Halloween is over).

2. He also knew I loved the Osborne Family Spectacle of Dancing Lights. It’s gone now, sadly, to make room for Galaxy’s Edge; but when it was around, millions of Christmas lights were draped around parts of Hollywood Studios. Retro Christmas tunes played, fake snow fell through the air, ahhh. It was magical.

3. He knew that one thing I always thought was sad with proposals is how you never see them! I’m a huge sucker for wedding photographs and video; proposal stories are so sweet but I’m always wishing I got to see them!

4. There was a Starbucks box involved.  You’ll see what I mean later in the post.

So he managed to put all those together for a pretty epic day.

Geoff knows that I am SO GOOD at guessing what;’s going on whenever we go to Disney because I’ve gone for so many years! He thwarted my guessing by taking me to multiple park areas that day. We started off near Magic Kingdom, at the Grand Floridian Cafe for breakfast.

Next stop was Epcot, where we went on my favorite Epcot ride (Living with the Land – I love it so much).

Some people say Florida doesn’t have autumn…but there’s a little bit of changing leaves!

When we were done at Epcot, we decided to walk from Epcot to Hollywood Studios (my favorite park). There’s a beautiful loop that goes Epcot/Yacht and Beach Club/offshoot to Studios/Boardwalk/back to Epcot. We took the Boardwalk side and walked past a building I’d always loved, Atlantic Dance Hall. I had no idea then that a couple years later I would be having my wedding reception there!

Arriving at Hollywood Studios!

The next few hours, Geoff and I went around Hollywood Studios. I thought Geoff was acting a little strange – normally he’s very go with the flow on what we do, but he was on his phone a LOT and kept insisting on going to certain areas of the park. Little did I know, he was trying to herd me around – my Mom had gotten my friends Alyssa and Georginia into the park to photograph and video the proposal! You can see their vantage point – this is when Geoff and I decided to go watch the lights for a bit.
(All photos taken at the lights from this point on are by my friend Alyssa.)

The proposal! He did an amazing job and said some incredibly sweet things. I cried.

My favorite part: when we were flirting back and forth before dating, I told him that it’s easy to ask someone out – just say, “Hey, I like you. I think we should date.” He used those words on me the next day (they worked), and so after his proposal speech he paraphrased it into “Hey, I love you. I think we should get married.” I obviously agreed with that statement. 😉

This photo clearly shows how shocked I was when, after saying yes, we heard a BUNCH of applause. Turns out a bunch of cast members and guests were watching when they realized what was going down. That’s also when I noticed Alyssa and Georginia and FREAKED OUT, haha!

Lyss and Georginia then took photos around the lights for us, which meant so much to us, especially with the lights gone.

One of the onlookers came up to offer us congratulations and scope out the ring haha! She was adorable.

Love. ♥

We had been dating about…two months? I think? Anyway, pretty early on. We went to Starbucks, back when they were selling these adorable mini cupcakes. I got one, and as Geoff went to throw it all out I joked that he should keep it as a ring box for future proposals since I LOVE Starbucks.
(I was also clearly very confident in our future since I was joking about marriage TWO MONTHS IN good heavens Kristin. We ended up dating over two years!)
Well, turns out Geoff KEPT that very box, and when he bought my ring he checked – and the box it came in fit PERFECTLY into the Starbucks box. When he pulled that box out to propose I was in shock that he had kept it for years. ♥

After parting ways with Lyss & Georginia, we capped off our night with dinner at The Wave, where we were surprised with pink champagne from Geoff’s best friend Andrew.

It’s hard to believe it’s been six years since then (AHH), but I’m grateful every day that he asked and that I said yes.  ♥