I got the chance to check out the Edison at Disney Springs with Geoff and my parents! Until 10pm, there are no dress codes and it’s open to all ages. After 10pm, it becomes 21 and up and there’s a dress code. We checked it out for lunch!

First, let’s go over the food we got to try.

First up was the Clothesline Bacon appetizer! I’d heard so much about it so we had to try it. The bacon is candied, and served with pickles and a sweet, fruity sauce. It was so good!!

Also enjoy my Dad photobombing.

I tried one of their cocktails, the Samantha Sterling. It was fruity with a little kick from the cinnamon – so good!

For my entree, I got the grilled cheese and tomato soup. It was delightfully gooey and savory – though the portions were HUGE.

For dessert, Dad and I split the lollipop tree. It’s multi-flavored cheesecake pops with bubblegum whipped cream. Yes, it tasted exactly like gum! It was good but I’m probably good one and done-ing this dessert. It was more style than substance, though I did like it.

So, Geoff and Mom split this chocolate cake, which was very good – nice and rich. But that lollipop tree was in a “share with two people” part of the menu, and this cake was in the individual section! WHAT. This cake was like quadruple what you’d get with the tree. Definitely not for an individual unless you can tackle massive desserts.

Now for the decor!!

I love these booths! They feel so VIP.

At night, these tables clear away for dancing and shows. The cube you see at the top is part of the acrobatic performances.

I want this lamp. In my apartment. Immediately.

Does this not scream “Bioshock” to everyone?

Looking down at one of the many bars inside the Edison.

An old school counting machine that had the most satisfying buttons ever. So delightfully clacky.

Some of the signage outside the Edison, for the adjoining Maria & Enzo’s Ristorante. We haven’t eaten there yet, but we did walk in to take a peek:

Be still, my deco heart. This is definitely on my list of must eats.

Have any of you tried the Edison? How about Maria & Enzo’s? Let me know your thoughts!

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April 1, 2018