Chase the Wind (for 6.2 miles)

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It feels like just yesterday that Geoff and I were running the marathon at Walt Disney World (it’s only been a few weeks!).  I’m already gearing up for my next race!

I’ve managed to do a race at every Walt Disney World running weekend that’s currently running – not every year!  But I’ve run the WDW Marathon Weekend 10k and full, the Princess Weekend half marathon, the Dark Side 5k, 10k, and half marathon (twice), and the Wine & Dine half marathon (twice).  Last time I participated in the Princess Weekend’s half marathon, I PR’d my half, which was pretty epic!

This year I’m running the Enchanted Princess 10k!  Originally I hadn’t planned to participate in Princess weekend – after running the full, I was more than happy to wait until April to hit another race.  But then I kept seeing that the 10k was Merida themed!  I have an awful time choosing an overall favorite Princess, but I can narrow it down to eras (original, renaissance, modern) and those are Aurora, Ariel, and Merida.  Merida may edge the other two out, by just a bit!  It helped that her race is a 10k, which is my favorite distance to run.  5ks are fun but pass by very quickly.  Half marathons are fun but I’m definitely hitting my “okay, I’d like to be done now” by the end.  Fulls are just insane, as I’ve already said!  But a 10k is that great balance of needing some training for it, but also finishing and still feeling fresh.

After the full, I finally bit the bullet and decided to do the 10k.  By that time, only charity bibs and TA (travel agent) bibs were available.  I almost went with a TA bib (resort stays are lovely), but decided to go for a charity bib.  I wanted to find a charity that I could swing the fee for, since my fundraising time is rather short.  I found a great STEM charity called the Teaching & Learning Collaborative.  They’re an organization that works to provide STEM education access to students and teachers in the classroom!  My job is more STEAM (it’s techy but I’m also an artist), but I thought it was still a great match for the line of work I’m in as a video game artist.  I also love all the math-y jokes and puns – I have to raise $314 because we’re the “Pi”-rate Princess Crew.  Cue the regretful pun-induced chuckles.

I’m really excited to be a) running for an educational organization and b) running a race themed after one of my favorite princesses!  I’ll keep you all posted how it goes.  If you do feel inclined to donate, please visit the link below.  Every little bit helps!