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Geoff and I moved into our current apartment back in…oh, maybe July?  Clearly, procrastination is a thing here (though to be fair, it took us a bit to figure out what frames we needed and acquire them)!  But we finally, FINALLY, put up all but a couple decorations (a few are on standby since they need custom sized frames, but the rest are up).  So I figured an apartment tour was due!

I’ll be posting links to whatever I can find still for sale at the bottom of the post, so if there’s anything you like just check down there!

Entryway / Kitchen

Our key/umbrella/etc holders.


A potholder we got from the Coca-Cola store at Disney Springs – I like it too much to actually use it, so up on the wall it went.

Can you tell we’re Coca-Cola fans? Coasters, straws, paper towel holder, napkins…the works.


Coffee mugs! I have way too many of them, but I rotate them out using this mug holder. The illustrations on each side are actually postcards – a great way I’ve found to get prints that I don’t NEED to be huge, and save a bunch of money. The postcards were all purchased at the Co-Op at Disney Springs and represent different attractions and lands in the Magic Kingdom/Disneyland.

Living Room

More postcard art on the left (Star Wars opponents, Star Wars cantina, and retro dancing representing Disneyland attractions).  On the right is our calendar, featuring retro posters from various Disney parks!


TV stand! You can see how many art books I have here too…and this is bookshelf one of four. Oops. The posters are spaghetti western inspired movie posters for the original trilogy of Star Wars. I bought them for Geoff a couple years ago! They’re by Timothy Anderson! On the TV stand (going left to right), you can see a couple Mickey/Minnie wedding gifts, including a wedding photo of ours. There’s a stuffed Songbird from Bioshock Infinite, which was one of Geoff’s gifts to me for our wedding! The flowers are my wedding bouquet/my maid of honor bouquet that I had in my best friend’s wedding/the bouquet I caught at said wedding. Faux flowers are awesome, since you get to keep them! Then there’s our wedding cake topper (two cute birds, sewn by my best friend Rachel), Alexa, and a bird ornament in our wedding colors. The tiny striped music box plays “By the Sea” and is from Disney’s California Adventure. The pyramid is from Target and is technically a Christmas decoration, but I think it looks cool so I keep it up year round. Next up are the Kingdom of Cute vinylmation series, and a Jack & Sally vinylmation set (confession: I’ve never seen Nightmare Before Christmas, but Geoff got me them). Then we have our little atomic age corner, featuring the Nuka Cola pinup girl statue and lunchbox, and a color-scheme-matching rocket from Disney’s Rocket to the Moon ride.


Our little Western wall. The cutest little deer head (a wooden one that, again, is a Target Christmas decoration but I love it). Then crystals and a little palm…geometric…thing…I’m not really sure what those are. But I love ’em! Also featuring our little balcony.


Another shot of Sir Deer, because I think he’s the cutest.


The second half of the Western themed wall! A Big Thunder Mountain Railroad print from my friend Kimberly. And, yes, another Target Christmas decoration. We’re hoping to get a table and lamp soon for that area (our living room ceiling fan doesn’t have a light) but in the meantime we’re using the Christmas tree lights as illumination, ha!


My best friend Rachel got me these amazing prints, representing The Empire Strikes Back! Lando / Leia/Han / Boba Fett. I love them!

Hallway 1

Then we have mini-hallway 1, leading into our office and guest bathroom (which really is the kitty bathroom since it houses their litterbox, ha!).  Geoff bought me a Star Wars propaganda art book, and included were these prints! So up they went. Four Republic prints and three Imperial ones.

Guest Bathroom

This restroom doesn’t really get used all that much – most people just use ours – since it has the litterbox, so we didn’t decorate it all that much. Just a Disney Cruiseline painting and a salmon illustration.

The Office

Our office is super nerdy, and I love it. On this wall, we have two Star Wars blueprint-style illustrations from our friends Lyss and Jon. One is BB-8, and one is for my beloved TIE fighters.


Smorgasbord of Star Wars (and other nerd stuff). On the left, we have a Booker figure from Bioshock Infinite (sign by Troy Baker himself!), gifted to us by Lyss and Jon. Then a photo of Lyss, Jon, Geoff, and me with Ian McDiarmid, the actor who plays Palpatine (one of my favorite Star Wars characters). And below that is a Luke Skywalker figure that was exclusive to Star Wars Celebration last year! Hanging up is an ADORABLE Kylo plushie my friend Amy bought me, sitting in a TIE Fighter that’s really a popcorn holder (from Disney’s Hollywood Studios). On the shelf we have BB-9E, Obi-Wan and Anakin from their Mustafar duel, Count Dooku, Phasma, Darth Maul, a Stormtrooper, a Jedi Holocron, and a porg in a Death Star. We may have issues with how much we love Star Wars. Also the black box is one of the sensors for our VIVE VR set, if you were wondering what the heck that was.


Nostalgiaaaa! Geoff I both work in the game industies, but we still hang up our Very First game plaques, from our student games at FIEA. Geoff worked on Nexus and I worked on Dead West (yeehaw). Memories!


Geoff’s sister and brother-in-law gifted him this amazing Batman and Robin painting! Below that we have our wedding bench – Geoff and I got married at the wedding pavilion at Disney’s Grand Floridian resort, and they recently renovated the inside. They sold off the benches and a woman cut down the pews to bench size and sold them off. We snagged one! I put the Coca-Cola pillow on it since we had retro Coke bottles as our reception centerpieces. THEN my parents found those side pillows at one of the cast member only stores (Mom is a retired cast member), from the Boardwalk Resort – they were changing up the rooms and sold off the decorative pillows. We had our reception at the Boardwalk, so it really finished off the wedding bench. Sap!


Our wands. Two Sirius Black wands for Geoff (one is the newer interactive wands, and the other he got before that) and my interactive Fleur Delacour wand.


Last shot of the office! Iron Man and yet-another-Star-Wars-postcard on your way out.

Hallway 2

The other miniature hallway we have leads to our bathroom and bedroom. We put up our retro aluminum signs here (and yet another Nuka Cola pinup!).


On the other hallway wall, we have this BEAUTIFUL print of the Mermaid Lagoon from Peter Pan. It’s a good intro to our bathroom…


…because our bathroom is all mermaid themed! On the counter we have a mermaid container from my friend Amy, a Hobby Lobby mermaid, a turtle we got on our honeymoon in Cozumel, a mermaid figure I painted, the beloved Orange Bird from Disney, and a wooden box my parents brought me from Hawaii.


More mermaid art! The print on the left is actually from a cast member magazine my Mom picked up for me, and the two on the right were from a siren/mermaid series Disney did.


This is technically a dish towel, but I couldn’t bring myself to use it. It’s too cute, and I am, indeed, kinda pissed at not being a mermaid.


And another DCL print! We haven’t done a Star Wars cruise yet, but we hope to soon.


More art! The top two were gifts for our first anniversary, since the theme was paper. The left one was illustrated by my friend Lyss, who included Geoff and I’s favorite lines from our vows – it was my gift to Geoff. The right one is from Geoff to me and has the lyrics and music for Stand by Me, our first dance song. I also got one of our wedding photos turned into an illustration! (Also, Star Wars fans – you can see Holdo’s bracers on my jewelry tree!)


Fairy lights because I will never give them up, and a beautiful canvas print of one of our engagement photos, also taken by my friend Lyss! This photo was taken shortly after Geoff proposed, at the (now gone) Osborne Festival of Dancing Lights at Hollywood Studios.


Some of the decorative pillows on our bed, HA! A Dole Whip pillow, an Ariel emoji pillow, and my friend Casey sewed me the cutest and funniest take on Jigglypuff. He’s been named Jeeglypouffe. (Jigglypuff is one of my favorite Pokemon). You can’t really see them (my bad!) but on the left is a Mickey pillow, and on the right is a pillow featuring a vintage poster from Sleeping Beauty.


When we got engaged, we got a couple signs featuring photos of us forming words. We still love them so we put them up in our room! On my (yet another) bookshelf I have a mermaid calendar from Amy, and some wedding photos.


Another of our beloved word/photo signs, some wedding photos…and at the bottom left, one of the lightbulbs used during the Osborne Family Lights – Alyssa and Jon got it for us because we weren’t able to make it to the party they were giving them out at!


An engagement photo in a spiffy art deco frame, and my moon-phases necklace (and hat) holder. Featuring my kyber crystal necklaces and Imperial officer cap, among others.


My bedside table with my Himalayan salt lamp that desperately needs a new lightbulb since I managed to shatter the last one (oops). I seriously love the light these give off.  Also, working my way through the LA Quartet series by James Ellroy!


My wedding perfume (and a mini version they included). And the Screw U necklace from Ghostbusters.


One of my FAVORITE Amazon finds. How cute is this?! A handy ring holder for our wedding rings.


Two outtakes for you…Milly getting in the way of me trying to take photos…

So she got picked up and snuggled for awhile. I hope you enjoyed the apartment tour!! Hello from Milly and I (and Aphra and Geoff, of course).  And yes, that is a Dalek Dress.


Hope you loved the tour – if there’s anything you liked, here are a list of links for places where you can still find some of the stuff!  None of these are sponsored, it’s just stuff we love.  If it’s not listed, I either don’t know where it came from or can’t find it (a lot of our stuff has been around for years so it’s not for sale anymore).


Coca-Cola Pot Holder
Coca-Cola Straw Dispenser
Coca-Cola Paper Towel Holder
Imperial Logo Mug
Minnie “Locally Grown” mug
Darth Vader mug
Retro-style Space Mountain Postcard Art
Benjamin Burch (Artist behind the lands postcards)
Dave Perillo (Artist behind the retro Jungle Cruise and Space Mountain postcards)
2018 Disney Attractions Calendar
Shag (artist behind the Star Wars cantina postcard

Living Room: 

Ashley Taylor (artist behind the dancing Disney attractions print)
Shag (artist behind the Star Wars cantina postcard
Spaghetti Western Star Wars posters by Timothy Anderson
Songbird Plushie
Wedideas – where I bought my wedding flowers!
Nuka Cola Statue
Nuka Cola Lunchbox
The Empire Strikes Back abstract posters

Hallway 1:

Star Wars Propaganda Book

Hallway 2:

Coca Cola Retro Sign
Liana Hee, artist of mermaid lagoon


Sirens of the Deep wall art
“Kinda Pissed About Not Being a Mermaid” towel

Emo Robots illustration by Alyssa Marie Aviles
Mr. & Mrs. Ring Dish

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