It’s been awhile since I posted; holidays, taking classes, and work kept me super busy. So far, 2019 has been great, and it started off with how we rang in the new year. We spent Christmas in Florida with my family, which was so much fun – I love Disneyland, but WDW will always be home, and I loved seeing family again – but we were back in California for New Year’s Eve. Originally, we wanted to do something at Disneyland (maybe this year!) but since we didn’t move to California until mid September, and had to get our feet back under us before planning any NYE activities, everything was either sold out or insanely expensive (even by Disney standards, ha). We looked for some alternatives and found a party being held on the Queen Mary. We’d never been there before, but vintage ocean liner + NYE sounded like a fun time, so we booked the “VIP package” which got us into an extra party (there were multiple ones on the ship) and let us stay overnight.

I didn’t take too many photos (next time I’ll try to take more, I was just having so much fun experiencing it!), but here’s some of them.

As we were pulling in to the area where the ship is permanently docked, we saw this building and I felt the need to give a shout out to all my fellow Wonders of Life fans.
There she is!
The view as we walked up to the ship. So pretty!
The entryway into the ship.

Once we got onboard, we waited in line to check in. It’s a pretty long line but moved very quickly; then it was off to our room to put our bags away before grabbing a quick dinner onboard.

The hallway where our room was.
The view from our room!
They kept a lot of the original room fixtures (fans, etc) even if they didn’t work anymore. It was neat to see.
I loved this vintage air conditioning/heating system.
Loving this old fashioned light switch/button.
Some of the art in our room!
There was this RANDOM FOOT IMPRINT on the wooden wall. It was facing the foot of the bed but the wall is so far from the bed that even Geoff couldn’t reach it. We have no idea how this happened.
The view from dinner.

After dinner, we got changed for the party and headed off.

I LOVED my outfit this night. I rented it from Rent the Runway, which I cannot recommend highly enough. I’ve used them for a crazy amount of weddings and events and have always had a good experience.
All dressed up.
Off to the party!

So, brilliantly, the best part of the evening (the parties) I have only a few photos of because I was too busy partying. Fail. But it was really neat – we visited all but one of the parties (one was linedance/country themed and that’s not really our scene, so we skipped that one.) There was a 20s theme party with flapper dancers and a contortionist in a martini glass, a burlesque party that also featured dueling pianists, a speakeasy party with a swing band, a steampunk party in the boiler room (ahhh!), etc. It was really fun and definitely had something for everyone.

The boiler room was delightfully creepy.
In the boiler room, they had a steampunk theme going on with actors walking around the bar area.

Once midnight hit, they had a balloon drop inside, or fireworks out on deck. Geoff and I went out on deck (where he gamely gave me his coat, which was lovely since it was getting really cold at that point, at least for this Florida girl). I also forgot to take photos of the fireworks, but they were over the water and absolutely beautiful!

Then came the best part: midnight breakfast. The restaurant we had dinner at opened right after midnight and served a full breakfast buffet. Seating was first come, first serve, so as soon as the fireworks were done we beelined it to the restaurant because…bacon at midnight? YES PLEASE.

The view from our midnight breakfast! ♥

The breakfast was delicious, and it was so fun to see some other fireworks still going off as we ate.

Then it was off to bed since we had to check out the next morning (weep). Geoff was a champ and got up early to get us some stuff to nibble on as we got ready.

Breakfast (and COFFEE!) in bed.
Til next time!

I know it’s been over a month since NYE, but figured it was a mini-trip worth writing about. If you’re looking for any NYE plans in southern California, I can definitely recommend the Queen Mary. We had a blast and would definitely consider trying it again, for NYE or any other event.

March 5, 2019